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Looking for health and well-being?

Pure, natural and fresh food is a good source for obtaining health and wellness. Today’s lifestyle brings challenges that are common for all, but on individual level, everyone needs different help and support based on his own life situation, body type, age, illnesses and other specific individual factors.

Group lectures

”Let the food be the medicine!” Health and well-being through nutrition, for all ages:
Babies and toddler, school children, stressed middle-aged men / women, women planning to become pregnant and expectant mothers, people suffering from specific diseases (diabetes II, MBO), adults and the elderly for example – they all have some basic nutritional needs in common, but with different emphasis in specific needs.
Nutrition guides for different groups in a nutshell.

Group coaching

Nutritional guidance for the different groups: Weight loss and management, sports nutrition, various disease support: systemic diseases, metabolic disorders (diabetes, MBO, psoriasis …), neurological diseases (CFS, fibromyalgia, migraine …), hormone imbalances and endocrinological disorders (thyroid, adrenal, female hormones)