Nutritional Therapy

Looking for health and well-being?

Nutritional Therapy and Balance

Holistic nutritional therapy – “good from food” – for body and mind

Well-being and health, with the help of nutrition, is all we need.

Nowadays many of us has to cope with very unbalanced conditions in our lives:

Too much work in combination with constant distress, too little leisure time and time for resting and physical exercise. Additionally, we suffer from too many stressful external factors like chemicals, environmental toxins, electrical appliances as well as biological hazards that are harmful microbes / antibiotics resistance of bacteria.

And last but not least there are nutritional challenges:
How to find a balanced diet which suits your digestion? How to learn to eat regularly? How to supply your body with the most important nutrients and energy? And how to support metabolism during times of body changes or illness?

A nutrition professional will help!

We offer you personalized solutions. There is a right nutritional plan for everyone,  taking always into account the customer’s life situation, age, personal background, way of living, special personal needs and illnesses.

Nutritional therapy

Looking for health and well-being?
Pure, natural and fresh food is a good source for obtaining personal wellness. Today’s lifestyle brings challenges, that are commonly the same type but on individual level, everyone needs help according to his own life situation, body type, illnesses, etc.

Companies and groups

Group lectures and group coaching.
Nutritional guidance and coaching for different groups:
Weight loss and management,
Sports nutrition
Support for different diseases: systemic disease, metabolic disorder, CFS,…

Services and offerings

Nutritional therapy, group lectures and group coaching.

Health and well-being with the help of nutrition.