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“This has been an interesting journey to myself, a journey also to understanding why I act the way I act. With help of your guidance I have learned to choose the most suitable food ingredients and food as well as appropriate rhythm for myself, not to forget about the mental and physical sides. My understanding in my own body’s needs has grown tremendously. I have received good instructions on how to proceed from here forward independently. (…) Very good experience! ” (Teija, 56)

“You are a skilled therapist, and a good listener. Nutritional therapy has been an interesting process where I got good instructions that were easy to follow. ” (Matti, 55)

“I have received a lot of important new information that has helped me closer to my goal. The nutritional advice was clear, the instructions I received were practical and easy to understand. The most important effect of this consulting, I think, has been an improvement in motivation! ” (Richard, 56)


FACIAL ANALYSIS & Biochemical Cell Salts:  12 cell salt deficiency facial analysis, diagnosis and treatment plan,  69 €   (60 min)


Special Offer session, 79 € – Health survey based on background questionnaire, without food diary (1 h)

Health & Facial Analysis session, 159 € – Health survey based on background questionnaire & facial analysis for cell salt deficiency (2 h)

Therapy package, 1 + 2 consultations, 360 – Holistic life-cycle health mapping, analysis of background questionnaires and food diary, personal written nutritional plans (1st visit 2 h, follow-ups 45 min)

Small therapy package, 1st consultation + follow-up: 279 € – Holistic health mapping, food diary, personal written nutritional plan (2 h + 45 min)

Health consultation: 195 € – Health mapping based on background questionnaire, diet mapping and nutritional plan (2 h)

Follow-up session: 89 € Review, possible changes, follow-up plan (1 hour)

Phone / WhatsApp / Online consultation: 40 € / 30 min

Healthy shopping list / Let’s cook together! 69 € / hour

Dietary guidance for different groups: Diabetics and weight reduction, hormonal balance for women, chronic fatigue syndrome, …. Request an offer

”Let the food be the medicine!” Eat well at any age: babies and toddlers, schoolchildren, the stressed middle-aged, disease support adults and the elderly – they all have some basic common nutritional needs, but with the different emphasis in specific needs.

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